You can call me BATMAN!


This machine came in with a little extra inside

Over the years I have found thousands of bugs and spiders inside of sewing machines. Some living, some not. I’ve found two dead mice, hundreds of pins and needle pieces, a few small children’s toys, an now…. A BAT!

When I took the covers off this machine, the creature was located just beside the heat sink on the power supply board. It was, fortunately, dead. But it hadn’t been dead for long. It was not the shrunken remains of the two dead mice. It looked like it might fly away. I took a pair of long tweezers and dropped the bat into a plastic bag.

Now most mechanics will tell you there is not a lot of room between the covers and the machine on this model. Additionally, there is no easy way for the creature to get into the machine period. The only way I can think of for this creature to get inside of the machine would be if the owner had  left the access panel for the take-up lever off for some reason.

Small Bat

That is a T20 screw in the background, so this is a very small bat. And as you can see, it has not been dead for a long time. It has not begun to rot yet. Still, it was a surprise. And while I’m sure I have not seen it all in the world of sewing machine repairs, I have seen enough to start being known as Batman!

May Your Thread Never Break!