About Needles and Thread

Hi Everyone,

I am teaching a maintenance class for our local quilt guild tonight. Many of the things I cover are on this blog. I wanted to give everyone some links for needles and threads. I will post this to my links page later.








The Schmetz link is especially nice and they have educational information on their site, including some short videos. Superior Threads and Guetermann have a lot of information about threads and their uses.

May Your Thread Never Break!


Sewing Machine Blog Posts

Hello Everyone,

It would be nice to be able to do a blog post every day, but that is not realistic for two reasons.

First, each post requires that I have the right machine in the shop to be able to take pictures and show you what I’m talking about. Today I have these two machines on the benches.

The embroidery machine on the left is a BNT10L and the sewing machine on the right is a Bernina 730. Neither will be included in my next few blog posts.

The blog posts that I am currently working on are for sewing machine needle plates (includes quilting machines and embroidery machines). Also the difference between sewing machine dual feed systems and a sewing machine walking foot. These two items are often confused and many of you assume they are the same. So we will clear that up in my next blog post.  I will update everyone as these are published. But for now, I’m trying to finish up the machines I have in the shop so I can spend a few days with our family.

I know many of you are waiting for my next article. It is already in draft. I will publish at least two articles in February.

If you have questions or if there are topics you would like me to address, please leave me a comment.

May Your Thread Never Break!

Mike Roussin