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Why do I have a link to WA? Because, when I wanted to start writing a blog, I learned that you support it with affiliate links. I looked at more than a dozen companies before I finally located my blog on this site. First, it is FREE to put a website on their platform. Second, there are thousands of people on this platform helping each other build internet sites for profit, or not, but they learn how to get the word out. Many are just trying to make a living, but many, like me, are just trying to reduce the cost of helping someone else.If you want a FREE website (personal or business), or if you want to try and make a living online, here is where you start. I’ve wasted a lot of money on MLM sites, this one is FREE. Think I’m kidding? Try them. IT’S FREE!!

Brother CS6000i. Why do I think this is a great starter machine? Simple, because I do! The number of stitches, the quality of the stitches, the basic construction, the decades of proven engineering. Here is the real simple truth: I wanted a “starter/learning” machine for my granddaughter. I bought the “Hello Kitty” from Janome. The machine is disposable (which is okay, it’s a kid’s machine). But the foot control did not match the motor. It could not be controlled at a level a 9 or 10 year old child can manage. Enter this machine. First, although we missed a lot of it, we watched the computer generation take control of our lives. (That’s how you got here :->). So giving a child a computer controlled machine makes sense. The number of stitches and the ease of control and quality of the machine… no brainer. If you are looking for a starter machine, start here!